Carmen Garcia from José Martí MAST 6–12 Academy in Hialeah, Florida, is passionate about guiding students from underrepresented groups to computer science. will meet its ambitious goal of making its computer science curriculum available in 30 languages spoken in more than 150 countries.

A child takes his first steps in computer science at home in Amman, Jordan, using the tutorials translated into Arabic by Edraak. (Photo: Edraak)

Bring learning to life with virtual field trips, class chats, and other resources.

The CS Journeys program is designed around three primary objectives:

  • excite and inspire students to learn CS,
  • encourage students to…

This issue is bipartisan: The Obama and Trump administrations both supported computer science. We call on the Biden administration to ask Congress to fully fund CS.

From 2014: Vice President Joe Biden during the Hour of Code event in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, in Washington, D.C. (Photo: Official White House Photo by David Lienemann)

Why computer science?

Research shows that CS helps students succeed in other academic studies and leads to increased college enrollment. CS opens doors of opportunity to middle-class jobs — there are 569,000 currently open jobs in computing occupations across every industry. But access to CS is woefully inequitable. … is committed to teaching 3 million students cybersecurity concepts through our K-12 curriculum and and an upcoming video series, “How Not to Get Hacked.” (Photo by
President Biden…

So far in 2021, states across the U.S. have made great strides in implementing computer science education policy.

21 U.S. states have allocated funding for computer science this year.

Start teaching’s middle school CS curriculum with this new, self-paced Professional Learning option.

The self-paced, online CS Discoveries Professional Learning course is designed to be completed in 3 hours or less. Interested teachers can start today here.

The two high school students in Jersey City, New Jersey, lead online classes and use the proceeds to benefit their community.

Sharada Suresh, left, and her sister Harita started an online nonprofit computer science school for students ages 8–11. (Photo courtesy of Harita Suresh)

A culture of computer science and robotics in a Houston-area school district consistently produces students who win local, state and national competitions.

From L to R: Teacher and coach Timothy Lewis; LaShawn Bolton, 11th Grade Scouter and Human Player; Diego Davial, 10th Grade Driver; Keith Tey, 11th Grade Mechanic and Driver; Quincy Kemany, 11th Grade Programmer; Pedro Maya, 11th Grade Programmer (Photo courtesy of Timothy Lewis)

Sage Khanuja, left, and Nikolas Ioannou founded the telemedicine startup Spira® is dedicated to expanding access to computer science increasing participation by young women and students from other underrepresented groups.

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