AI 101 for Teachers:, ETS, ISTE, and Khan Academy partner on professional learning series

The sessions are designed to help educators bring AI to their classrooms safely and equitably.
4 min readAug 15, 2023

Momentum around artificial intelligence (AI) continues to accelerate, captivating society with its generative capabilities. As AI becomes even more prevalent, the K-12 education community needs to embrace it and equip educators and students with the knowledge and skills to utilize it effectively and responsibly.

According to a recent survey, AI is poised to play a growing role in education, but the majority of teachers lack training on how to leverage this new technology in their classrooms. About 75% of surveyed teachers believe AI should be taught to students. However, only 13% have had any training on how to teach AI to their students.

To help meet this growing need,, ETS, ISTE, and Khan Academy are excited to announce a free professional learning course designed to level the playing field of AI understanding among K-12 teachers as they head back to the classroom this fall.

Register for AI 101 for Teachers

AI 101 for Teachers is a free, five-part video series that will kick off with a fireside chat between Hadi Partovi, founder and CEO of, and Sal Khan, founder and CEO of Khan Academy. The series will continue with three additional professional development videos covering AI basics, AI ethics, and AI bias. The last and fifth session covers how to access and leverage free and customizable AI curriculum, content, and lesson plans available for use this fall in the classroom.

Teachers, administrators, and those interested in K-12 education and AI can register here to gain early access to the five-part training series.

August 15: AI 101 for Teachers: Fireside Chat with Sal Khan and Hadi Partovi
Join Sal Khan (Khan Academy) and Hadi Partovi ( for a fireside chat on embracing artificial intelligence in the classroom. Teachers can expect a lively discussion, including some of the most controversial topics surrounding AI today.

September 6: AI 101 for Teachers: Demystifying AI for Educators
“Demystifying AI for Educators” is designed to introduce K-12 educators to the fundamentals of AI. This workshop will equip viewers with the foundational knowledge to understand the profound impact of AI in our society and its increasing relevance to the field of education. Gain practical insights into leveraging AI for tasks like lesson planning, creating classroom resources, and saving time on administrative tasks.

September 13: AI 101 for Teachers: Transforming Learning with AI
“Transforming Learning with AI” is designed to explore the intersection of AI and education and how AI can be combined with pedagogy to enhance student learning. This session is a must-attend for educators seeking to leverage AI to transform their teaching practices to enrich their students’ learning experiences.

September 20: AI 101 for Teachers: Ensuring a Responsible Approach to AI
“Ensuring a Responsible Approach to AI” explores the ethical considerations and best practices for incorporating artificial intelligence in educational environments. This session will provide concrete strategies, resources, and real-world examples, all aimed at promoting a safe learning environment where students can explore the complexities of AI, its potential biases, and the ethical considerations that come with it.

September 27: AI 101 for Teachers: Bringing AI to the Classroom
“Bringing AI to the Classroom” focuses on teaching about AI, evaluating and utilizing AI educational tools, and leveraging AI for student assessment. With a rich blend of theory, practical examples, and resources, the session aims to empower educators to navigate the AI landscape in their classrooms and enhance student learning experiences., ETS, ISTE, and Khan Academy are committed to equipping educators with the knowledge and tools they need to integrate AI into their classrooms. We hope this series will empower teachers to expand their understanding of AI and leverage its potential to enhance student learning. Together, let’s embark on the exciting journey of AI professional learning!

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