American companies fund $300M in largest joint effort for K-12 computer science

Today, some of America’s largest companies joined together to pledge over $300 million for K-12 computer science programs. These pledges will help support a variety of philanthropic efforts in K-12 computer science over the next five years.

Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce have each pledged $50 million over the five years; Lockheed Martin has pledged $25 million; Accenture, General Motors, and PluralSight each pledged $10 million, and several other private donors, foundations, and other organizations have also joined to pledge additional support for K-12 computer science.

We applaud the technology industry for doing its part

Technology is rapidly changing our world and provides a variety of new challenges and opportunities. Many expect the tech industry to take steps to address these issues. Today, we applaud the titans of tech for uniting behind this cause, to increase opportunity through equitable access to computer science. Their contribution will go toward preparing a future generation of creative thinkers, innovators, and leaders in the workforce.

Computing jobs are the best-paying, fastest-growing, and largest sector of new wages in the U.S. The opportunity to learn computer science should not be limited by neighborhood, or by any other factor. America’s youth should have an opportunity to chase the careers of their dreams. Whether a student wishes to become a lawyer, a nurse, a scientist, or a coder, a background in computer science will provide a critical foundation for the careers of the future.

These funds will support a broad array of efforts in K-12 computer science

While is fortunate to already have the financial support of Accenture, Amazon, Facebook, General Motors, Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce, over 90% of the funds announced today are to support efforts other than Although played a pivotal role in bringing the industry together behind this cause, we want to make sure the funds committed are made available to a variety of nonprofits and education efforts within the K-12 computer science space. For example, one company is funding a program for volunteers to teach computer science in schools. Another is directly funding urban schools to support expanding their computer science programs.’s goal is for computer science to be taught in every school, with broad diversity of student participation — regardless of whether or not it’s taught using curriculum. By collaborating across the industry to secure funding for K-12 computer science, we hope our work can help further a spectrum of efforts within the entire computer science education community, all of whom share a common vision.

Today, and the entire computer science education community thank Salesforce, Microsoft, Infosys, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and the other participants in today’s announcement, for their generosity, and for their support of the vision that every student in every school deserves the opportunity to learn computer science.

Hadi Partovi,

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