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This week, tens of thousands of students will take the AP Computer Science exam, breaking records in both enrollment and diversity. On Friday, the new CS Principles will have the largest launch of any College Board AP exam in history.

It’s also Teacher Appreciation Week, and so I’d like to take a moment to thank the educators and organizations who helped bring CS Principles to this moment:

  • The National Science Foundation, especially Jan Cuny, for her vision and leadership;
  • The College Board, especially Trevor Packer and David Coleman for their early support of the concept;
  • The original PIs on the project: Amy Briggs, Lien Diaz, and Owen Astrachan;
  • The “gang of 5” who created and piloted early curricula to prove the concept: Beth Simon (UCSD), Dan Garcia (Berkeley), Jody Paul (Metropolitan State University of Denver), Larry Snyder (UW), and Tiffany Barnes (UNC Charlotte);
  • At, the team who created our course, and the extended team of facilitators and partners who have brought it to classrooms across the nation;
  • The other curriculum and PD providers scaling CS Principles to new classrooms, especially BJC, CodeHS, MobileCSP, NMSI, PLTW, TEALS, and UTeach;
  • The generous donors who have funded so much of this work, especially Microsoft, Infosys, Google, Omidyar Network, and Facebook;
  • And most importantly, the thousands of teachers who will teach this course to students, year after year. Especially those who are teaching CS for the first time. You and your students will change the face of computer science.

In just one example district, Broward County, 1,300 students will take the AP CS exam this week, compared to only 4 students in 2013. We can’t wait to see the nationwide tally in a few months!

Whether they’re teaching an Hour of Code or years of computer science, teachers globally deserve our appreciation this week and every week.

Hadi Partovi,

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