Bid to benefit Ashton Kutcher, Marc Benioff, Mark Cuban, Ellen Pao, and more voice support for computer science education

Leading entrepreneurs and luminaries representing a swath of the technology sector are uniting to voice their support for and Hour of Code in a call for increased computer science access and equitable representation of women and people of color across the industry.

For a limited time from November 9 through December 2, a collective of leaders — including Marc Benioff, Stacy Brown-Philpot, Mark Cuban, Reid Hoffman, Ashton Kutcher, Ellen Pao, Jennifer Tejada, and more — are offering supporters the unique opportunity to receive an elusive Twitter “follow” from one of them, and at the same time, make a meaningful impact in advancing computer science education, particularly for young women and students from groups underrepresented in computer science.

“I’m proud to support in its mission to expand access to computer science to students around the world. It’s true that anyone can learn and Hour of Code is a big part of spreading that message.” — Reid Hoffman

Each partner is participating in an online charity auction in support of, giving bidders the opportunity to expand their Twitter networks while also empowering students and teachers. All auctions may be viewed at

Participating industry leaders are Marc Benioff, Stacy Brown-Philpot, Mark Cuban, Vijaya Gadde, Reid Hoffman, Dara Khosrowshahi, Ashton Kutcher, Charlie Lee, Jana Messerschmidt, Tim O’Reilly, David Pakman, Ellen Pao, Hadi Partovi, Vishal Sikka, Katie Stanton, Jennifer Tejada, and April Underwood.

By leveraging their social media presence, these entrepreneurs, executives, and investors hope to inspire generous participation by the community. All proceeds benefit’s mission to make computer science education available to every student in every classroom.

“Hour of Code is something I decided to get behind because I really believe in it … I think there’s big value in learning how to code.” — Ashton Kutcher

Many of these partners have previously encouraged students to try a computer science activity:

Join us by encouraging a student or classroom to try an Hour of Code activity or sharing the news about these auctions!

—Sandra Takamine,



--® is dedicated to expanding access to computer science increasing participation by young women and students from other underrepresented groups.

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