commits to teaching cybersecurity concepts to 3 million students is committed to teaching 3 million students cybersecurity concepts through our K-12 curriculum and and an upcoming video series, “How Not to Get Hacked.” (Photo by
President Biden met with members of his cabinet, national security team, and private sector and education leaders to discuss the importance of cybersecurity today. Watch his full remarks above.

The role of education

Education is critical to addressing this problem for two reasons: is committed to do its part

To help address these issues, is announcing that we will redouble our efforts to teach cybersecurity concepts throughout our classrooms to help ensure that every student, in every school, learns the basic concepts of cybersecurity as part of a foundational computer science education. Today’s announcement includes two commitments:

The importance of diversity in cybersecurity education

When it comes to defending against cyberattacks—whether at the level of the individual, the workplace, or the nation—it is critical to also consider the importance of diversity in education.



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