welcomes Simon Guest as Chief Technology Officer

I’m excited to announce that Simon Guest has joined the executive team as our Chief Technology Officer.

Introducing’s new CTO, Simon Guest.

In this role, he’ll manage the engineering teams that deliver the software products, tools, and infrastructure that help millions of students learn computer science every day. These teams also support the Hour of Code, where tens of millions of users from around the world join to access hundreds of tutorials from our partners.

Under Simon’s leadership, we plan to further expand our technology platform — reaching more schools through a wider range of devices, especially in underserved populations globally — to help many millions more students learn this foundational subject.

A few words from Simon:

When I was in elementary school, they did not teach computer science as part of the school curriculum. My science teacher at the time took it upon themselves to organize after-school classes teaching the basics. Not only did I find the subject fascinating, but these classes became an inflection point that helped define my career as it is today. Without them, I likely would have not discovered a love for computer science at such a young age.

I’m humbled and excited to be joining to lead and expand our engineering efforts–and through this, hope that I can create the same meaningful impact for students of today.

Simon brings more than 25 years of experience working in software engineering, including holding Technical Director and VP-level roles at Microsoft, Concur, and Amazon.

We’re happy to have you, Simon!

Hadi Partovi,



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