CS Journeys is back, along with NEW Careers in CS videos

Watch unique tech professionals at work, plus join virtual field trips of NASA’s Artemis mission and more.

3 min readSep 28, 2022

CS Journeys is back for another year, bringing computer science to life for students of all ages! Our program is designed to help students explore how computer science impacts their world and envision their future possibilities. In the coming months, classrooms will be able to register for exciting virtual field trips, including events from partners like NASA and the Monterey Bay Aquarium. See this semester’s events and register now!

New Careers in CS videos

This semester, we’ve updated our CS Journeys video library with four brand-new Careers in CS videos! Students and teachers will be able to hear from professionals from across the computer science field about their unique jobs at places like Meow Wolf, NASA, Tanium, and MBARI. See all the new videos here.

A new lineup of virtual field trips

Our popular virtual field trips will return this semester, with opportunities for classes to take a tour of some pretty cool places:

  • Amazon Fulfillment Center
  • NASA Chandra X-Ray Observatory
  • iRobot
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • NASA’s Artemis mission

Don’t delay — learn more here and register your class for a trip.

How CS Journeys can impact your class

The CS Journeys program is designed around three primary objectives:

  • excite and inspire students to learn CS,
  • encourage students to continue learning by engaging parents and diverse role models,
  • and eventually, empower students to take control of their CS journeys with a variety of resources.

CS Journeys extends what students learn in their classroom computer science curriculum to uncover CS in unexpected places, fueling curiosity and imagination.

In addition to field trips and videos, CS Journeys provides teachers with a collection of resources for students of all ages to help them imagine a journey pursuing CS, from the youngest K-5 students, to older teens who are starting to think about college and beyond. And because parent/guardian encouragement is so important to student success, resources are available to teachers to keep parents engaged in their children’s CS journeys.

For older students, CS Journeys also serves as a hub for resources and information that they can explore on their own. A curated collection of internships, online courses, mentorships, after-school opportunities, and scholarships are available to students exploring what’s next for them.

We’re thrilled to continue this program into the 2022–2023 school year and hope these experiences will excite, encourage, and empower students to continue their CS journey, both in the classroom and beyond.

— The Code.org Team

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