Expanded self-paced online professional learning options are now available!

Online modules are now offered for CS Principles, and we’ve added an AI/Machine Learning module.

2 min readJan 12, 2022

Last summer, we added self-paced, online options to our immersive professional learning programs. These free, at-your-own-pace modules are meant to support teachers in their computer science teaching journey, no matter where they are!

Today, we’re introducing two additional offerings: Self-paced modules are now available for our CS Principles curriculum, as well as our AI and Machine Learning unit.

Interested teachers can learn more and start today: CS Principles | CS Discoveries — AI and Machine Learning.

As always, these self-paced options are designed to support teachers who are unable — or not ready — to participate in the facilitator-led traditional Code.org Professional Learning program. We understand that many teachers are unable to attend in-person workshops due to time or distance constraints, or simply need more flexibility and freedom to pursue Professional Learning on their own time.

This new self-paced online option allows teachers to familiarize themselves with the platform and materials, while building their confidence in the course at no cost to the teacher or their school! The modules in the course will help teachers learn to navigate Code.org, understand the material in the curriculum, and develop familiarity with course pedagogy and teaching concepts. It takes about 3.5 hours to complete the CS Principles module, and two hours to complete the AI/Machine Learning module.

The self-paced online experience focuses on connecting teachers with the basic support needed to get started teaching, while the facilitator-led Professional Learning program offers more comprehensive support, including the opportunity to collaborate and connect with other CS teachers and practice new teaching strategies.

We hope these expanded offerings encourage and allow even more teachers to start teaching computer science in their classrooms today!

— The Code.org team




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