Expanding computer science access to Native American students

Here’s how we’re working with partners to make a difference.

How to close the gap

The Code.org team determined that to help close these access gaps, our organization and others across the CS education landscape must:

  1. Better understand the specific reasons why Native American schools and students do not have access to CS education, and
  2. Build partnerships with native communities to take strategic and intentional approaches to increase participation by Native American K-12 students and the engagement of their teachers.

Fostering partnerships to make an impact

In November 2021, the Code.org team also convened a summit, in collaboration with Natives in Tech, to discuss the specific barriers in native communities and engage with teachers, educators, and decision makers in these communities. Videos of two summit sessions are available to watch here.

Building infrastructure and support

The regular discussions and summit made it clear that rural native communities need support in infrastructure — specifically, broadband.

Join the effort

This work is collaborative — it can’t be done without input from Native American communities and equity-focused partners. Are you an indigenous community member? Teacher? Leader? Student? Please connect with us at naipi@code.org to discuss how we might be able to support one another to get equitable computer science education access to your students.



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