Fifty Nifty: Every state has adopted K-12 CS policy!

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The Advocacy Coalition is proud to announce every state in the U.S. (and Washington, DC) has now adopted at least one of the nine policies that support teaching computer science in schools!

These policies will grow and sustain the teaching and learning of K-12 computer science. The policies focus on equity and diversity, clarity, capacity, leadership, and sustainability.

This state momentum and scale coincides with another record-setting year in AP computer science participation by female and under-represented students. This momentum is promising because states that have adopted more policies see a higher percentage of female students participating in K-12 computer science.

The scale at which states have adopted computer science policy nationally is unprecedented — since the 2018 State of Computer Science Education report was published, 33 states have passed 57 new laws and regulations promoting computer science. This is a major victory for equity in computer science education, and it’s possible because of the collaboration and leadership of more than 70 organizations across the country that are part of the Advocacy Coalition. These organizations have committed to these priorities on behalf of students and teachers.

While there is still much more work to be done to ensure all students across the country have equitable access to computer science, today’s announcement demonstrates that every state has undertaken efforts to meet this goal. This is a huge win for our movement!

-Cameron Wilson, President of the Advocacy Coalition® is dedicated to expanding access to computer science increasing participation by young women and students from other underrepresented groups.

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