Global momentum for computer science continues to grow

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The global momentum behind the computer science movement continues to accelerate. It’s almost hard to keep up.

Less than a month ago, I shared that Canada and Ireland have announced national plans for computer science. In just two weeks, New Zealand and Romania have announced national efforts too!

New Zealand proposed a requirement for all students to learn computational thinking and coding in primary school.

Romania just announced a similar requirement for all students in primary school, including in the curriculum thanks to our local partner Adfaber.

Meanwhile, not to be left out, Malaysia is also integrating computer science be taught to every primary school student and offered as an elective in every high school.

In the U.S., Wisconsin just became the tenth U.S. state to formally adopt academic computer science standards for grades K-12.

Speaking of standards, the CS Teachers Association just released their revised standards for CS education, aligned to the K-12 CS Framework. Thanks to broad support for the Framework across educators, academics, corporations, and governments, these new standards will make it easier for states and even countries to adopt quality CS curriculum.

With weekly announcements from whole countries, it’s hard to imagine momentum for CS to continue to grow, but we have even bigger news coming in the near future!

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