Hour of Code 2021 is here: Celebrate #CSEverywhere!

From new activities and cross-curricular content to CodeBytes and fresh tunes on Dance Party, Hour of Code 2021 has something for everyone!

4 min readDec 6, 2021

We’ve been waiting all year: It’s Computer Science Education Week and Hour of Code 2021! This year’s theme is #CSEverywhere, so we encourage students and teachers to explore the relationship that computer science has with different subjects in school, different industries, and even different career paths!

Don’t miss out on the awesome lineup of activities, tutorials, and more that we’ve prepared for the week:

CS Connections

To help students make meaningful connections between CS and other disciplines — and to help teachers from a variety of backgrounds more easily begin teaching the subject — Code.org is introducing a new set of cross-curricular modules, projects, and lessons called Computer Science (CS) Connections.

This curriculum allows K-12 students to learn computer science concepts while also learning core subjects like language arts, math, and science. Projects are organized by topic and grade level, and allow teachers to blend CS Connections lessons into their regular lesson plan. Check out the curriculum here!

Poem Art and Hello World

Poem Art: This new Hour of Code activity is also the first lesson in CS Connections’ Coding with Poetry module, which allows students to see two subjects — computer science and poetry — in a new way. In Poem Art, you can explore a key element of poetry — mood — by using code to add visuals and movement to classic poems.

Hello World: ​​In Computer Science 101, the first program many students create is a simple one that outputs an iconic line of text: “Hello World!” Say hello to the world of computer science with this introductory activity that equips students with the basic coding skills and confidence to create apps. Hello World Hour of Code activities are recommended as a fun introduction before embarking on the open-ended projects in CS Connections, which require some understanding of computer science basics.

CSEdWeek events & CodeBytes

CodeBytes are easy-to-digest, 20-minute interactive lessons originally created for Hour of Code 2020 to provide teachers fun and easy ways to engage students learning at home during the Hour of Code. (See last year’s archived episodes here.)

This year, tune in on Tuesday, December 7, at 10 a.m. ET and again at 10 a.m. PT and we’ll show students how to get started with the Poem Art Hour of Code activity! Register now to attend.

And don’t forget to check out the other events and resources available for Computer Science Education Week! Find out how you can inspire and empower students and their families to break stereotypes and learn computer science.

Dance Party

We’re excited to announce that six new songs have been added to our popular Dance Party activity!

  • Harry Styles — “Watermelon Sugar”
  • Dua Lipa — “Levitating”
  • Olivia Rodrigo — “good 4 u”
  • The Kid Laroi — “Stay”
  • Glass Animals — “Heat Wave”
  • Masked Wolf — “Astronaut in the Ocean”

Celebrate #CSEverywhere!

Our goal is to make students aware that computer science has many different and exciting applications and is used in a number of creative ways to help solve problems, advance research, create art, keep our infrastructure safe and healthy, and more. We hope this week inspires students of all ages to continue learning computer science beyond the Hour of Code.

However you choose to participate, we can’t thank you enough for your effort and support! Share your Hour of Code highlights with us on social media: We love seeing your classroom videos, photos, and student projects using #HourOfCode and #CSEverywhere!

— The Code.org team

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