STEM Kids NYC turns programmers into activists using

Moiz, a rising sophomore at a New York City high school, shows off his app about COVID-19 made using’s App Lab. The app is meant to combat misinformation about the disease and includes a true or false quiz, a student checklist, and information on New York Department of Education school policies. It also includes links to information from the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control. He also demonstrates how the app can be used in light or dark mode and includes Spanish translations.
Students presented a variety of apps on a topic of their choice. From top left clockwise: an app about mental health in schools, an anti-street harassment app, a budgeting app and an app about sustainability. All apps were made using’s App Lab.

How STEM Kids NYC creates thoughtful computer scientists

The high schoolers were part of a summer workshop run by STEM Kids NYC, a non-profit based in New York City that provides year-round intensive STEM education programs for pre K-12 students. The organization works with a number of schools and community organizations to host weekly in-school, after-school, weekend and summer workshops on computer science and other tech-related fields.

An app about animal welfare.

STEM, social justice and activism

In July the organization launched its “Summer of STEM, Social Justice, & Activism” camps for students ages 4–19. Around 125 students were enrolled in seven camps, and while the majority of students were located in New York, some called in from as far away as Ohio, Tennessee, Alabama, and Texas. At least one student, despite the time difference, participated from Turkey.



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