In manufacturing, software jobs outpace production jobs for first time

A recent analysis of job postings in the manufacturing sector by Burning Glass Technologies revealed that openings for software jobs are outpacing production jobs for the first time. And these software developer jobs are the second-highest in demand (with the number of job postings only exceeded by sales representatives). Burning Glass calls this “a sign that the products we make — and the methods used to make them — are increasingly driven by computer programming.”

Even more dramatic is the shift in the auto industry: 4 years ago, the demand for software developers matched the demand for mechanical engineers. Last year, there were twice as many job openings for software developers as there were for mechanical engineers!

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Open job postings for mechanical engineers and software developers in manufacturing from 2012–2016

The increased demand for software developers is particularly concerning for manufacturers who are discovering how difficult it is to to find qualified candidates to fill these jobs. Automakers and other manufacturers tend to be located in the Midwest and South, whereas most software developers live on the coasts. As a nation, we need our K-12 education system to start to prepare graduates for rapid growth in computing jobs — in every industry and every state.

Despite the growing demand for software developers, fewer than half of K-12 U.S. schools teach computer science. With high demand from students and parents for computer science classes, and changing job skills needed in manufacturing and other industries, every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science in our K-12 schools. Here is a great resource you can use to bring computer science to your community.

The full report from Burning Glass Technologies can be found at:

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