Incredible updates to curriculum for 2023–24 school year

Updates to CSC, CSP, CSD, and more — plus a new curriculum catalog and redesigned Teach page to help you find it all!
4 min readJul 10, 2023

Every year, updates its curriculum offerings — but for the 2023–2024 school year, our team has really outdone itself! In addition to major updates to CS Principles and CS Discoveries, we’re thrilled to announce seven new modules as part of CS Connections! Plus, we’ve redesigned the Teach page and created a searchable curriculum catalog to make it easier than ever to find exactly the course you need.

2023–24 curriculum updates

For our CS Principles classrooms, teachers and students will notice a new unit order, unit journals to support student processing, vocabulary supports,

Assessment Guide updates, new resource guides, discussion strategies, check-in surveys, lesson slides and more.

Within our CS Discoveries curriculum, we’ve better integrated the Problem-Solving Process in all units and updated programming levels for a more consistent student experience.Our CSD team has also improved teachers’ abilities to assess students, added new resource guides, created new unit collections for teachers that can’t teach all units over the course of a school year, and added a micro:bit option to our Creating Apps with Devices unit!

We’ve also made updates to CSA, including the progression of programming levels; the inclusion of a Help & Tips tab, student supports, and validation on Practice levels; the addition of more teacher supports; and the provision of slide decks by lesson instead of by unit.

Plus, all of our self-paced professional learning modules have been updated to reflect these changes to the curricula.

Official Launch… CS Connections!

We offered a sneak peek of CS Connections (CSC) in 2021, but here’s the big reveal! CSC is our set of curricula that seamlessly integrates computer science into various subjects, such as math, English language arts, science, and social studies. This year’s launch is specifically for elementary teachers who don’t teach CS or who are new to CS, CS Connections is built with a modular and flexible structure that can be completed within a week. Our goal is to provide teachers with an integrated solution, including lesson plans, coding level progressions, and videos that teach CS through lessons aligned to standards already being taught in the classroom.

In the future, we will release CSC content for grades K-12.

We hope the latest additions to CS Connections will inspire even more classrooms to incorporate computer science into their traditional curricula. Read all about the new modules here.

Find your course with our Curriculum Catalog is proud to offer more than 80 computer science curricula. But with that volume of options, we know it can be difficult to find exactly what you need for your classroom level, size, or available time.

That’s why we’ve created the Curriculum Catalog! With new filters, it’s easier than ever for educators to find curricula that meet your needs. And with course information available at a glance, teachers will have the details they need to make a choice and get started. Plus, teachers will be able to search for an offering, then quickly assign it to their sections.

Major glow-up: Teach page

Our team wanted to make it easy and exciting to start teaching computer science, starting with our Teach page: Now, educators will find a comprehensive overview of teaching with Share this page with teachers who might be interested in teaching computer science or anyone else who could use the resources!

Teachers are the beating heart of — our mission is impossible without you! We hope these new updates and features make your lives easier and teaching computer science even more enriching and engaging for you and your students. Happy learning!

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