Microsoft, partner to teach AI + ethics from elementary to high school

We’re excited to unveil our new video series on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella introduces the series.

A comprehensive approach from elementary to high school

Made possible by Microsoft’s latest donation of $7.5 million, plans a comprehensive and age-appropriate approach to teaching how AI works along with the social and ethical considerations, from elementary school through high school.

  • A new video series on AI, featuring Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella along with leading technologists across industry and academia
See the playlist with all videos here.
AI for Oceans is available in 25+ languages and is optimized for mobile devices.

Microsoft and AI education

A look at a new lesson in Minecraft: Education Edition. In these new lessons, students use AI in a range of exciting real-world scenarios: to preserve wildlife and ecosystems, help people in remote areas, and research climate change.
Microsoft’s Imagine Cup Junior challenge is geared towards students ages 13 to 18. Learn more and join the competition here.

Impacting student lives, especially the underserved

On, 45% of students are young women, and in the US, 50% are students from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups and 45% are in high needs schools. Reaching the tens of millions of students in’s courses and on its platform, the partnership between Microsoft and works to democratize access to learning AI because all students deserve the opportunity to shape the world they live in — and because creating an equitable and socially just future will take all of us.



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