Mississippi has a plan to get CS into 100% of its schools

The state plans to hit this goal in time for the 2024–2025 school year.

“We’ve made great progress in educating and informing the public on the importance of getting more rigorous computer science education in all of our schools so that students have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to compete for the best jobs in the new 21st-century digital economy.”

Photo by Ron Lach, Pexels.

Making a plan

The unique phased implementation could be a model for other states to follow. Should all go according to plan, here’s Mississippi’s timeline for achieving the bill’s goal of CS in every school:

Facilitators at a recent Code.org workshop. Photo by Melissa Rocha, Code.org.

Impact on students and state

As of this week, there are 27 states that require all high schools to offer CS. With the signing of this bill, Mississippi is now one of only 15 states to require all K-12 schools to offer it.

Photo by August de Richelieu, Pexels.

Mississippi isn’t alone

Mississippi isn’t the only state looking to expand computer science access in its schools. In fact, there are several other states with large-scale CS initiatives.



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