More federal grant opportunities for computer science!

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The Department of Education has opened applications for two new competitive programs both with a focus on computer science. The first is the Teacher Quality Partnership Program (TQP) which would provide grants to create teacher preparation programs and teacher residency programs. The second is the Pathways to STEM Apprenticeship for High School Career and Technical Education Students, which provides grants to build local partnerships between schools and organizations for students to participate in work-based learning experiences.

STEM and computer science proposals for the teacher prep program (TQP) are a “competitive priority” meaning these proposals get “bonus points” toward the Department’s rubric for judging applications. The apprenticeship program treats STEM and computer science proposals as an “absolute priority” meaning only proposals focused on these topics are eligible for funding.

For TQP anyone who applies must be a partnership with:

  • A high-need local educational agency;
  • A high-need school or a consortium of high-need schools served by the high-need LEA;
  • A partner institution (a 2-year or 4-year institute of higher education);
  • A school, department, or program of education within the partner institution; and
  • A school or department of arts and sciences within such partner institution.

For the apprenticeship program, only State Departments of Education (or similar authorities) that manage a state’s career and technical education programs, or consortium of state authorities, can apply.

We encourage every qualified program to consider applying for these grants. If you’re considering applying, here’s a resource for each program (TQP, Apprenticeships) with more details on the full application process — the deadline to announce your intent to apply is June 11, and the deadline for applications is June 26.

And as a reminder, applications are still open (June 5 deadline) for the Department of Education’s Education Innovation and Research (EIR) program, which will grant up to $115 million this year to STEM/CS and other programs.

Cameron Wilson, President — Advocacy Coalition® is dedicated to expanding access to computer science increasing participation by young women and students from other underrepresented groups.

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