New Jersey funds professional development for computer science teachers

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Just this past weekend, New Jersey lawmakers approved a state budget that supports Governor Phil Murphy’s budget recommendation to expand access to computer science across the state.

The budget includes a $2 million grant program to help high schools implement college-level computer science courses and to support professional development for teachers.

Earlier this year, the legislature approved A2193 which directs the State Board of Education to authorize a computer science education endorsement to the instructional certificate and they also passed legislation in January requiring all high schools in NJ to offer computer science by the upcoming school year.

Gov. Murphy was elected in November 2017 where he ran on a platform of expanding access to and funding computer science in New Jersey.

“I’m proud my administration is making key investments in Computer Science and STEM education, areas critical to being successful in a 21st century economy,” said Gov. Murphy. “Through our “Computer Science for All” initiative, support for STEM early college programs, and paid STEM internships, we want to encourage and provide greater access to science education opportunities for every student in the Garden State.”

Needless to say, NJ definitely LOVES CS!® is dedicated to expanding access to computer science increasing participation by young women and students from other underrepresented groups.

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