Sheryl Sandberg, Stephen Curry, Russell Wilson, Susan Wojcicki, StacyPlays encourage students to make apps

New App Lab tutorial teaches how to code simple web apps in one hour

This Hour of Code, you and your students could win a video chat with a really special guest!

Stephen Curry, Stacy Hinojosa, Sheryl Sandberg, Russell Wilson, and Susan Wojcicki are joining me to inspire students to explore their creativity and make apps on for this year’s Hour of Code. And with a brand new App Lab tutorial being unveiled today, you can create your own JavaScript app in one hour!

Share your creation and win a video chat with a celebrity!

Do the Hour of Code and share your favorite projects on social media for the chance to win a video chat with one of our special guests. Whether you make an app with App Lab or create roller coasters in Minecraft, they want to see what you can build! Share a photo or a video to increase your chances of winning.

Meanwhile, teachers can always ask a tech industry volunteer to visit your classroom in person (or on video) to inspire students.

App Lab: a new Hour of Code tutorial in JavaScript!

With’s global popularity as a drag-drop coding platform, we are regularly asked for tutorials that teach “real” coding, in a professional language used by real-world programmers.

Today, we’re excited to unveil a new Hour of Code tutorial that introduces coding in JavaScript using App Lab, the tool that powers our middle and high school courses. App Lab lets anyone build simple web apps in JavaScript.

If you are ready to go beyond the basics, try the new App Lab tutorial which lets you design a “choose your own adventure” app using either JavaScript or blocks. The activity is designed for students age 13 and older — if you have younger students who would like to try it, you’ll need to set up accounts for them in your classroom.

Making your own web app has never been easier.

Computer Science Education Week

Each year, has kicked off Computer Science Education Week and the Hour of Code with a signature event — at the White House with the President, opening the stock market, or with Canada’s Prime Minister.

This year, we’ll kick off the week in Silicon Valley, with the most powerful women in tech, joined by multiple state governors, to celebrate pledges by hundreds of school districts, organizations, and governments, pledging to expand access and diversity in computer science globally. Join us by watching the live stream and make your own pledge.

An hour is just the beginning

We can’t wait to celebrate the incredible achievements of the CS community, but we know this is only the beginning. 90% of parents want our children to learn computer science, and teachers are answering this call nationwide. Join the movement and grow your computer science programs beyond just one hour.

Together, we launched the Hour of Code movement only 4 years ago. In just a few years, the Hour of Code counter has passed 450 million, reaching more than 10% of all the students on the planet and planting the seed for teaching years of computer science in schools worldwide.

Together, let’s watch the counter pass 500 million this December, and pledge to expand computer science in schools everywhere.

Hadi Partovi® is dedicated to expanding access to computer science increasing participation by young women and students from other underrepresented groups.