States want computer science, so what’s the plan?

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The statewide, grassroots movement to bring computer science education to all students has grown like crazy over the past few years. From the development of the K–12 Computer Science Framework in 2015 to the landscape report on state-level computer science policies released in March, it’s clear that states are committed to implementing K-12 computer science. But what does a coherent statewide plan look like, and how does a state get started? Few states have actually published plans for implementing K-12 computer science.

Now for the first time, US states have a comprehensive resource. With the release of the State Computer Science Planning Toolkit, has created a guide to assist education decision makers in answering everything from where to start, what resources are available, to what best practices can be learned from successful implementations.

The toolkit includes six sections aligned to the policy recommendations outlined by the Advocacy Coalition:

  • Current Landscape and Goals: Collecting data and surveying the current landscape of computer science education and setting strategic goals.
  • Diversity: Keeping equity and diversity at the forefront of the initiative.
  • Teacher Pipeline: Building up teachers’ capacity to offer computer science courses through professional development, certification, and pre-service programs.
  • Curriculum and Courses: Defining standards, guiding curriculum, and allowing computer science to satisfy graduation requirements.
  • Outreach: Communicating with and involving stakeholders.
  • Funding: Allocating and accessing funds to drive the initiative.

View the State Computer Science Planning Toolkit today for resources, considerations and recommendations, and tools for tracking goals and strategies to help you get started. Equip your state to expand access to computer science education and ensure all students are prepared for the 21st century and beyond.

Pat Yongpradit, Chief Academic Officer,

Thank you to the Expanding Computing Education Pathways (ECEP) Alliance for reviewing and providing feedback on the toolkit.

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