Take the #CyberChallenge in April: Join this international cybersecurity initiative

2 min readFeb 7, 2023


Every day, individuals, communities, governments, and businesses around the world are impacted by cybercrime and online attacks. These attacks not only disrupt our personal lives and impact essential services we rely on — like schools, healthcare, and even water — but also cost trillions of dollars in damages each year.

The good news is, each one of us has the power to reduce these threats to improve our collective cybersecurity. For example, we can all take simple actions today to secure our connected devices and reduce cyber risk. We can practice cyber safety every time we go online. And we can build stronger cyber defenses at home, at school, and across the business community.

By sharing information and educating each other, we can build awareness to strengthen our cyber defenses.

Take the Cyber Challenge!

This effort is led by the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue nations — Australia, India, Japan, and the United States — with the support of Code.org. It is an initiative President Biden and his counterparts in the Quad nations pledged to hold to inspire internet users across the regions to raise their cybersecurity awareness.

It is a call to action for every Internet user to take the initiative and protect themselves, their privacy and online data, their devices, and even their organizations, employees, and customers from the growing threats of online attacks.

We invite governments, corporations, nonprofits, universities, schools, and individuals around the world to take the Quad Cyber Challenge the week of April 10–14, 2023. Between now and then, the Quad Cyber Challenge website will provide simple activities and a collection of resources empowering everyone to take some action!

How to join

Governments, corporations, schools, and other organizations can sign on to the Quad Cyber Challenge and share their commitment to cybersecurity. (If your organization hasn’t, consider asking it to!) Fill out your commitment to take action on the sign-up form. As we get closer, we’ll share the commitments on the Quad Cyber Challenge website. You can also take the challenge as an individual. Check out the activities on cyberchallenge.tech to:

  • Protect your devices (change passwords, enable multi-factor authentication, apply patches, etc.)
  • Avoid common scams
  • Learn more and share with others

Together, we can make our cyberspace safer and more secure

At Code.org, we believe that cybersecurity is part of a foundational computer science education. Leading up to April, we’ll be providing cybersecurity resources, including a new video series. We’re excited to take part in this international call to action.

Reaching millions of people and asking them to take some action — even just improving their passwords — is an audacious goal, we know. That’s why we’re enlisting help from organizations around the world. Join us! Together, we can all be part of the cybersecurity solution.




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