The Hour of Code is coming. What will you create?
3 min readOct 15, 2018


This year the Hour of Code will be the biggest and best ever. There is so much I can’t wait to share, and it starts with a special video!

Creativity is our theme for the Hour of Code this year.

In just seven weeks, we’ll kick off the Hour of Code during CS Education Week, December 3–9th. Students worldwide will uncover something to love about computer science to see that they too can code and create.

Join us as we post videos and stories about creativity

With 630 million served, you’ve helped build the largest learning campaign in history. Help us reach 1 billion! We invite students, parents, coders, artists, teachers, and creators of all walks to share what creativity means to you. You can post to social media in this format:

Creativity is _______ What will you create? #HourOfCode

Post to Twitter — ideally, include a video or photo with whatever crazy thing makes you feel creative!

Host an Hour of Code

Please join the movement and sign up to host an Hour of Code this year! Raise awareness in your school that CS is crucial for students, draw support from your school leaders to expand CS offerings and programs, and recruit students into courses. Sign up here!

While the Hour of Code is in December, you can prepare in advance. There are one-hour activities for beginners and intermediates at all grade levels, and exciting new ones coming! Reach beyond your classroom. Host a school assembly, a coding night with parents, or an activity in your community.

Need guidance on how to start? See our easy how-to guide. You can even do an Hour of Code without computers or an internet connection! Or, see our recent blog post with tips from experienced organizers.

All new classroom posters and robotics giveaways! When you sign up for the Hour of Code, you’ll get a 50% discount on six brand new inspirational posters (while supplies last) and a chance to participate in giveaways from our robotics partners.

Invite a technology professional to your classroom.* Check out our volunteer database and schedule a classroom visit! We’re excited to have university students, independent professionals, and volunteers from technology companies available to make the Hour of Code even more special!

Spread the word. Technology is changing every industry on the planet, and computer science has become relevant to every career — even those outside technology and engineering. For tens of millions of students, the Hour of Code will be an inspiring introduction to crucial 21st-century skills. Help us reach even more people by forwarding this post to another teacher. Or forward it to a principal to get your whole school on board!

In only five years, the Hour of Code has engaged 10% of the world’s students, giving flight to imagination for hundreds of millions. I’d like to thank every educator who’s made this the largest learning event in history. You’re an inspiration to me, and to all of us at Thank you for all you do for our children.

I can’t wait to share’s 2018 Hour of Code activities. They’re our best yet! ;-)

Hadi Partovi and the team

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