This Hour of Code is about #CSforGood. Learn CS, change the world.
3 min readOct 15, 2019

The Hour of Code theme of creativity in 2018 inspired students globally to create technology using computer science. On alone, students created more than 50 million projects!

As we look ahead to CS Education Week from December 9–15, we hope you’ll join us and more than 12,000 teachers who have already signed-up as we strive to reach 1 billion served! See our easy how-to guide if you’ve never hosted an Hour of Code before, and you can even do an Hour of Code without computers or an internet connection! You can also check out this blog post with tips from experienced organizers for even more advice.

Just like last year, when you register your Hour of Code, you’ll have a chance to participate in a giveaway from our robotics partners. Sphero and micro:bit are giving away robotics or physical computing kits to 50 classrooms! 🤖

This year’s theme: #CSforgood

The Hour of Code will continue inspiring student creativity with a theme that we can’t wait to share with you: Computer Science for Good. #CSforGood

Inspired by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Hour of Code will highlight how we can all use computer science to make a positive impact on our world, from writing apps to solve a local problem, to using innovative ideas in data science to address global challenges.

Whether that means building affordable technology to help farmers in sub-Saharan Africa, programming white blood cells to fight cancer, or revolutionizing the packaged foods industry with artificial intelligence, people are using CS in creative ways to solve problems and provide opportunities for others.

There are 17 SDGs.

Large, systemic challenges such as poverty, discrimination, and environmental sustainability will require attitude shifts, wide-scale cooperation, and in some cases, personal or collective sacrifice. But technology can help jumpstart efforts, detect problems, and ease barriers to solving these enormous and pressing issues.

We also understand that with great power comes great responsibility. Computer science can be a source of positive change — or create new challenges. By recognizing that, like any tool, CS requires thoughtfulness and ethical responsibility, we can empower students to think critically and work on solving problems holistically.

Share your #CSforGood projects on social media!

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We’d also love to hear about students’ ideas for using computer science for good. Email us at if a student, classroom or club takes the #CSforGood theme to heart and creates an app, project or website to tackle an issue or provide a solution for a problem in the community.

Technology can help to address so many of the world’s challenges. It could hold the keys to sustainable energy, better healthcare, cleaner oceans, and more equal access to education and opportunity. Today’s youth will one day create technology to address the problems of the future, but only if given the chance to learn how. Every child has the creativity, passion, empathy, and curiosity — and together we can give them the opportunity.

Join us in this movement, to give every student in every school the opportunity to learn computer science and to change the world.

-Hadi and the Team


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