What teachers have to say about our professional learning program

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The Code.org Professional Learning program for middle and high school teachers prepares and supports educators to teach computer science. It’s hosted by Code.org Regional Partners across the country, and is designed to prepare teachers before and during their first year teaching CS Discoveries, CS Principles, and — new this year! — CSA. Best of all, in most regions, scholarships are available for educators to attend free of charge.

Not convinced yet? Hear from the people who know our Professional Learning program best: The incredible educators who have participated in it!

“I loved that the workshop was balanced between content and getting to know the curriculum along with teaching techniques and discussions on equity. This kept me engaged and it built confidence in my ability to teach this course. The course showed me that I already have well-developed skills in teaching and can apply those skills to CSP.”

— CSP teacher in Colorado, after a 2021 five-day summer workshop

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“This was a great workshop. Tons of content, great teaching tools, strategies, and techniques. Facilitators were excellent!”

— CSP teacher in Michigan, after a 2021 five-day summer workshop

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“My learning was greatly supported by the instructor’s ability to explain details in a strategic and understandable manner, that ensured that we were able to be successful in the workshop.”

— CSD teacher from Mississippi in January 2022

“I love getting to work in the lessons and deeply think through how I will use it with students. I don’t feel like I often have time to ‘slow down’ and dive into materials but this workshop always gives me time and space to do so. I am grateful for that.”

— CSD teacher from Delaware in January 2022

Interested? Apply to our 2022 Professional Learning Program. No previous computer science experience is necessary to attend CS Discoveries or CS Principles workshops, although we do recommend educators interested in teaching CSA have experience teaching one of the other courses.

If you have friends or colleagues who you think would be great candidates, share these teacher quotes with them! We also have a number of resources tailored toward administrators or your fellow teachers.

We hope you or someone you know will be part of a new cohort of teachers bringing CS into their classrooms!

— The Code.org Team

Please note: These workshops are for educators in the U.S. planning to teach CS Discoveries, CS Principles, and CSA. Elementary school teachers interested in teaching our CS Fundamentals course can find a workshop in their area and register here (no application necessary). For teachers outside the U.S., please review this article, which outlines the support available to you.



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