Wyoming passes bill to require computer science in all schools!

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On Friday, the Wyoming legislature passed a bill that would add computer science to the state’s common core of knowledge, making it a requirement for K-12 public schools to offer CS education.

The bill next moves to Governor Matt Mead who is expected to sign the bill into law.

In December, Gov. Mead joined the bipartisan Governors for CS Partnership saying, “Students are eager to acquire computing skills. Parents want their children to know and understand computer science. Employers need workers who are able to put this knowledge to work. By joining this partnership, we send a signal that Wyoming puts a priority on assuring our students have the knowledge and skills they need to contribute to our growing economy.”

The legislation expands computer science to all students, creates standards for computer science education, and makes CS count for graduation requirements.

Every student will have the tools and resources they need for success in our ever-changing economy.

Congrats, Wyoming!

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