Supporting our Black Employees, Students, and Teachers: January 2022 Update

1) Launched a #RoleModelsInCS series to highlight diverse role models in computer science, with a focus on Black computer scientists

2) Established analytics to measure gaps in CS enrollment, achievement, and belonging by race and gender, to help track the results of our efforts to support Black students

3) Hired a firm to help make culturally-responsive improvements to our curriculum

4) Increased representation of Black students, teachers, and role models in our materials

5) Launched a mentorship program for all employees, with a particular focus on supporting our Black employees

6) Developed an organizational playbook of best practices for hiring diverse teams

7) Internally published transparent job levels and compensation bands to ensure equitable pay

8) Continued our internal leadership development DEI work

We are not done

  • Implementing culturally responsive curriculum recommendations mentioned above, and providing ongoing training to our curriculum team to support doing this work internally.
  • Efforts to ensure that computer science classrooms with a high population of Black students have equal access to participate in the AP exam in computer science.
  • Expand our new internal mentorship program for our employees, with intentional support for our Black employees.



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